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​​​​construction_management a.jpgGG Land Group, LLC. is a comprehensive real estate company who currently owns and/or controls land across the nation . With a business acumen that is extensive and diverse, so is the GGLG core group each specialized within their respective field.

Management at GGLG brings these talents together to form a synergistic real estate company outside the paradigm. Ultimately creating real estate opportunities by cultivating strong relationships.

The GGLG approach is what gives GGLG its competitive advantage. This approach involves finding and cultivating relationships with local land owners, engineers and city officials. By maintaining these relationships, GGLG can more effectively mitigate risk and keep resources and processes on track and on time.

GG Land Group has created a new business unit dedicated to excellence in student housing. GGLG' new student housing divisions is looking for opportunities to develop, construct, and manage student housing communities in areas adjacent to colleges and universities across the country. We are also currently seeking opportunities to acquire high-quality student housing assets.

Our Strengths

We here at GGLG always are trying to increase our value to potential partners. Whether that that means identifying prime universities in need to housing; acquiring suitable land adjacent to said universities; managing the entitlement process; or joint venturing with a suitable business partner.

Contact Us

Please visit the site often as we are constantly updating the site with new properties and analysis. If you need to contact us regaring this site, our properites or anything else click here.